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driving down the 101

Kelly Rowan
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I was born in Ottawa and raised in Toronto (Go Leafs!) I currently play Kirsten Cohen on FOX's The O.C.

The rest of the cast:
benmckenzie as Ryan
adam_brody as Seth
mischabarton as Marissa
rjbilson as Summer
clarke_mindy as Julie
t_handley as Oliver
ccarmack as Luke
ashley_hartman as Holly
_dfuller as Norland
n_rawat as Theresa
josh_schwartz is the brilliant writer

The Perfect Man in production
Jet Boy (2001)... Erin
Proximity (2001)... Anne Conroy
Three to Tango (1999)... Olivia
Loving Evangeline (198)... Evie Shaw
One Eight Seven (1997)... Ellen Henry
Mocking the Cosmos (1996)... Lydia
Assassins (1995)... Jennifer
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)... Annie Tarrant
Hook (1991)... Peter's mother
The Long Road Home (1989)... Cynthia
The Gate (1987)... Lori Lee

[This is a part of a role-playing game. I am not Kelly Rowan.]